Marques Houston Files Restraining Order On Raz B


And the Raz B, Marques Houston Gay Saga Continues.

Marques Houston has joined Bow Wow and Fires Back At Raz B With Restraining Order.

According to published reports, Marques Houston has also decided to respond to the allegations by filing a restraining order.

In the order Houston states that he has to file the VPO due to Raz B, whose real name is DeMario Thornton, is acting irrational.

“About three weeks ago, DeMario Thornton, aka Raz B, released a video recording via the internet of a conversation that we had…DeMario is screaming at me…he has a deranged demeanor and is not acting like a reasonable person,” Houston wrote in the paperwork.  “After I hung up on DeMario, he continued recording himself and falsely accused me of molesting him.”

As a result of the complaint, Raz B cannot contact Marques in any way or come within 100 yards of him.

Although both Houston and Stokes vehemently deny the allegation, Raz B states that he is telling the truth.

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  1. Raz B is gay and wanna take everybody down with him! Marques looks better, sings better, IS better than Raz and hes trippin cuz he broke and Marques doin his thing! Plain n simple…