Why Rihanna Miss Katy Perry Wedding?

Rihanna missing her BFF Katy Perry wedding continues to make headlines weeks after the news broke.

Reports reaching Urban Islandz ears from the media is that RiRi just didn’t miss Perry’s and Brand wedding because of her hectic work schedule.

According to Now Magazine, Rihanna and Katy are now not on speaking terms because of that issue.

“Now can reveal the former BFFs had a ‘massive fall-out’ before the wedding and are barely talking. ‘Rihanna told Katy she didn’t think she should go through with it,’ reveals a close friend of Rihanna’s. ‘She said she couldn’t be a part of Katy’s wedding since she absolutely doesn’t approve. ‘Rihanna and Russell are very rarely photographed together because she doesn’t think he’s good enough for Katy. She just doesn’t get the attraction. ‘While Rihanna threw Katy, 26, a hen party in Las Vegas in September, sources close to her say the 22-year-old spent most of the night trying to talk her out of the wedding.” (Now Magazine)

The UK Magazine claimes that Rihanna decided not to take part in the wedding because of constant fights between the two.

“She was trying to go along with things even though she thinks Russell is bad news,’ reveals our mole, ‘but she reached breaking point when Katy and Russell had a fight just before the hen do.‘Rihanna told Katy how she felt. She’s watched her get upset, she’s witnessed the effects of
the pair’s arguments and seen Katy cancel the wedding twice.” (Now Magazine)

Despite these reports, the Rude Boy hitmaker stated earlier this week that she has been recording a duet with Katy, hinting that the pair could go on tour together one day.

Do you think these allegations are true?

Maybe RiRi is basing her decision off her own experience.

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