Jay-Z Reacts To Hammer’s Diss, “He’s Gonna Be Embarrassed” [Video]

Hip Hop mogul Jay-Z has denied trying to spark a beef with MC Hammer despite referencing his financial woes in his “So Appalled” verse last month.

Jay said Hammer misinterpreted the lyrics and said there was no intentional disrespect directed at him.

“I didn’t know that wasn’t on the table for discussion,” Jay laughingly told DJ Semtex. “I didn’t know I was the first person to ever say that? Am I? [laughs] I’m not, am I? I know I’ve heard that before, I didn’t think I was the first one to say it. I guess, you know when I say things, I think people believe me so much that they take it a different way. It’s not rap anymore at that point. I didn’t mean it. I said some great things about him in the [Decoded] book that I have coming out — he’s gonna be like, embarrassed. I said some really great things about him in the book and about people’s perception of him and how he’s from East Oakland. It is what it is. He took it the wrong way. I didn’t know I said anything wrong. I don’t know if I said a lie.”

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On the Kanye West “So Appalled” collaboration, Jay comments on Hammer’s fall from fame and publicized bankruptcy despite being a platinum-selling artist in the early 1990’s.

“And Hammer went broke so you know I’m more focused/ I lost 30 mil so I spent another 30/Cause unlike Hammer 30 million can’t hurt me.” (“So Appalled”)

In response, Hammer released a diss music video called “Better Run Run” at Hov.

See the Hammer video below

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