Pras Talks Fugees Breakup And New Lauryn Hill Album [Video]

Former Fugee Pras gives his take on the group storied breakup, and brings word of a new Lauryn Hill album to drop next summer.

Since their highly-publicized breakup in 1997, the Fugees have been a topic of much debate and controversy. With tales of Lauryn Hill’s growing eccentricity and her relationship with Wyclef Jean, as well as bad blood between Pras and Jean, the group’s history in the past decade has been a veritable soap opera.

In the first part of a recent interview with, Pras sat down to lay some of the rumors to rest, and give his take on the breakup.

“I just made sure I kept the balance,” explained Pras of his role in the Fugees. “You had two personalities [in Lauryn and Wyclef]; if I became the third personality, it would split everything apart.”

Pras denied rumors which called into question Lauryn Hill’s sanity. “It wasn’t about her being crazy, it was just that she was like…’I gotta make sense of all of this.’ I haven’t spoken to her about it; it’s me analyzing it.”

Pras also revealed that Lauryn Hill is planning to release an upcoming album in over a decade.

“Let me tell you something. Somebody played me…something she worked on. Goosebumps. Like, 2015 Lauryn Hill.”

See interview video below