Chris Brown: “I’m a great guy now”

Offbeatz: The Rihanna incident with ex-boyfriend Chris Brown may take a long while before it going away. But we are thankful to see both artist pursuing their careers and moving on.

As Brown starts a new chapter in his career and continues to move forward following his violent incident with Rihanna, the singer told Access Hollywood that his life has improved in a slew of new ways.

“Everything [is] good, I’m definitely — me personally and mentally — I’m a great guy now,” the singer told Access on Wednesday night at GQ’s The Gentlemen’s Ball in New York City.

“Definitely just a person who’s promoting positivity all the time, so that’s just me,” the 21-year-old said.

Chris Brown also commented on his career and upcoming album.

“New music coming real soon, I’m in the studio, back and fourth, continuously, just having fun,” he explained.

Earlier this month, Access spoke to Chris about his upcoming new album.

“The new album is called ‘F.A.M.E.’: Forgiving All My Enemies. Basically, just being able to witness my success, failure and success again,” he told Access. “Being able to see me going from my best times to my worst times and being able to over come it and growing [in]to a man, as I was doing it.”

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