Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon Announces ‘We’re Pregnant [Video]

Finally, Mariah Carey has the Vision of Love that she’s always wanted, and has officially announced that she’s pregnant with husband Nick Cannon.

After suffering heartbreak in 2008 with a miscarriage the couple finally get to announce their joy that they are pregnant again and the baby will be due some time in Spring.

Mariah Carey finally confirmed all rumors that had recently been floating around for the past several months by stating, “Yes, we are pregnant, this is true. It is still early, we are expecting in the spring.”

She continued to reveal that she had also suffered from a miscarriage shortly after her and Nick Cannon had married back in 2008. She told how it had been a long journey for her and her husband, Nick, and how tough it had been on both of them, especially while trying to keep their privacy or what little bit of it they could, which was not particularly easy.

See the video below