Video: MC Hammer Tells Jay-Z He “Better Run Run”

Rap icon MC Hammer has demonstrated that his issues with Jay-Z over a recent taunt are far from over by releasing a trailer hinting at an upcoming diss record entitled, “Better Run Run!”

he video features a red devli-looking person dressed up and running through a parking garage. Smoke is also coming out of the masked person’s face. After a long twitter rant by Hammer, the emcee announced that he would release a retaliation record on October 31st. “Better Run Run!” -King Hammer- Oct 31st

Over the weekend, reports claimed that religious tension was at fault for the tension between Jay-Z and the “Too Legit To Quit” entertainer.

I know, people have totally forgotten about this one by now, but I got a recent tip that seems to give insight on what happened here. Now, you know Hammer is a serious Christian. Remember, how Kanye West used to be with the whole “Jesus Walks” period of time? Well, I heard Hammer sort of became endeared by Kanye’s affinity for Christianity. So, I heard, Hammer had a conversation with him about Jay-Z, who he now refers to as “hell boy” or “the beast.” Well….I don’t know what happened after that, but I heard something got back to Jay and caused Jay to go at Hammer. I’m sure the truth will come out, but these are the rumors from the sources I have. (All Hip Hop)

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See video below