Lady Saw On Opening Arthur Guinness Show, “A lot of people were mad about it”

Dancehall don diva Lady Saw apparently is not pleased about her performace at last weekend Arthur Guinness celebration in Kingston.

The reigning queen was among the opening acts on the mega show that draw thousands of Jamaicans and foreign nationals to the National Stadium in Kingston.

After the show Saw whose real name is Marion Hall took to her twitter to express her displeasure.

“Just found out my time to perform on stage tomorrow is after six is this a Big joke no wonder I rather not do shows in my own country.”

“Now I hear I will be working at 8 still not good. we all know we jcan party late n mi want everybody fi see mi work.”

“Nuff a mi fans no see mi cause dem put me on as a opening act on Guinness show but neva again keep ono show.” (Lady Saw Twitter)

Weighing in on her performance, which was good in our opinion, Saw said her fans are “mad about it.”

“The only thing that disappoint me was being the opening act. A lot of people were mad about it. Some of the audience was cussing about not seeing me. I was very disappointed for the time I went onstage. It’s not about status but I should have been at the right time, peak time. It was a beautiful show. I feel great about it. It was my pleasure being a part of it. Being part of greatness was beautiful. I appreciate the thought of them inviting me. Everybody loved the performance but I was not feeling good onstage.” (The Star)

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