Alliance Members Denies Bounty Killer Engagement Rumors

Last week Urban Islandz exclusively informed you that Alliance general Bounty Killer maybe planning to wed his longtime girlfriend.

Efforts to confirm the rumors from Killer himself was unsuccessful, but our reps spoke to two prominent members of the Alliance who deny the allegations. One member who request his name withhold said he heard the rumors and ask Bounty Killer whose real name is Rodney Pryce, and Killer said nothing like that.

“Someone told me about the rumors and mi call Killer and ask him the said say and he said notten like that its just pure rumors,” the source said.

Despite Alliance members denying the claim, the source that originally informed us of the rumors is still insisting that Bounty Killer is engage and should be marrying his girlfriend in the near future.

“They will deny it, because its suppose to be under wraps, but this is coming from someone credible,” the anonymous source said.

Who do you believe? Do you think Bounty is engage?… comments below