Baby Cham On Reuniting With Bounty Killer, “Love Him Just The Same”

Dancehall veteran Baby Cham is back in business once again putting out his all too familiar hits now and then.

The dancehall deejay spoke to Jamaican journalists yesterday regarding his return on the dancehall scene and uniting with fellow dancehall veteran and longtime friend Bounty Killer after 11 years.

Cham and Bounty known for mega hits in the 1990’s such as Another Level, returned to the scene with a collaboration called Stronger featuring reggae singer Mykal Rose.

Cham said reuniting with Killer after 11 years was easy.

“Is just one of them tings where time basically heals itself and the link basically made. We sat and reasoned for hours. We know that we have to put whatever went on then behind us and move forward and just mek good music. And no matter what, Rodney is a good friend of mine for a long time and you don’t just have good friends and walk away from it. Even if is 11 years we haven’t spoken, me know deep down in my heart mi love him just the same.” (The Star)

Cham also weigh in on the present state of dancehall when compared to the 90’s.

“As for current dancehall music Cham expressed, “dancehall on a whole not creating enough buzz as it should be, people can justify that with sales of records out there. There are fans out there who miss the 90s vibes and it shouldn’t be like dat cause you don’t hear the fans saying they miss the 80s vibes cause the 90s stepped up on what was there and dats how it should be going. Hopefully by making good music, Dave being back here working, will raise the bar, lift the standard of the dancehall. Not like we knocking anyone cause you have ten different brothers, ten different minds but you can’t be satisfied with what’s going on.” (The Star)

We sure hope Cham will stick around longer this time, as fans in the past complained that the veteran dancehall deejay will drop a hit and then gone missing for couple years.

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