Nicki Minaj Makes It Rain Pink Across The World

Caribbean descent and Young Money rapper Nicki Minaj has expressed her enthusiasm over uniting with her fans on an upcoming tour and also discussed the essence of her personal style.

Nicki Minaj discuss a her upcoming tour with Nylon TV. Minaj also revealed one of her most valuable item in her makeup bag.

“Right now I’m super excited to be going on tour at the end of the year,” Minaj said in an interview. “I can’t speak too much about it but I know that I will be going on tour to promote Pink Friday and I’m going to get to see all the people I’ve neglected over the last few months because I’ve been working on the album and couldn’t go out to shows and stuff, but, I’m just looking forward to going on the road, from city to city, state to state, country to country, all over the world and just having a blast…I cannot live without make-up wipes because I hate for the make-up to stay on my face for too long. As soon as I get back to the hotel, it all comes off. How do I describe my personal style? I would describe it as hip-hop, pop and cheek.” (Nylon TV)

Urban Islandz reported to you earlier this week that Nicki Minaj has revealed her upcoming Pink Friday Tour Dates.

The tour will kick off in Philadelphia on October 22, and so far, it will run through October 30 in Trinidad and Tobago. The Harajuku Barbie has been particularly diligent about keeping fans updated on her album and concert information both on Twitter and her official site, after a series of local concert scams in September had fans lining up at colleges to catch her perform.