VP Records And Artists At Odds… Label Says No Exploitation Of Our Artists… Story Inside

Urban Islandz has been getting much reports of late that VP Records and their artists are clashing on a number of issues.

Sources told us that VP Records has been putting too many restrictions on their artist work, resulting in a fallout between some artists and the company. One popular VP artists told Urban Islandz that he wanted the use of two of his tracks for upcoming project with another artists and the company said no. He said he never signed over rights to the songs to the company, but the company still ended up with exclusive rights to the song.

The obviously angry artist said he will be looking to change the way he handles business in the future to avoid issues like these.

“Da music business yah f*ck up mi a tell yo, and a only artists a get screwed over, dem corporate people de only a look fi control di whole a wi career and wi no have no say in what we doing and who we work wid,” the artist said.

VP records executive Alexander Threadgold last week release a letter claiming that anyone who desire to exploit master recordings embodying the performances of VP records artists must request and explicitly obtain from VP a waiver of exclusivity which VP may elect to grant or not grant in its sole discretion.

Urban Islandz took to twitter to see what artists and fans are saying about these allegations and was shocked by the numerous complains and debates on the issue. Popular female dancehall artist Ce’cile have this to say:

“Ultimately da real issue dat was raised was.. If VP is now saying “not to exploit their artist” wat abt the artists they have exploited????”

“I learnt the hard way! Neva again shall any1 tell me I can’t get my song ova dem dead body!”

“But da distractions from real issue dat was raised which was.. If VP is now saying “not to expliot their artist” wat abt 1s exploited by dem”

“I was told over their dead body by a VP rep to get “can u do di wuk” with sean paul even tho the producer oked it! The producer didn’t sign it away! VP said over their dead BODY!!!!” (Ce’Cile twitter)

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