Black Ryno Breaks Silence After Release On Bail… Court Today

Dancehall artist Black Ryno is now enjoying some home time after the deejay was released on bail bonds late yesterday evening.

Not long after he was released Ryno took to his twitter to update fans.

“Respect for all the calls and support! All who was there saw what happened and know the facts!”

“People mi wi tell unno wha really gwaan, tek ova dis page now!! Court tomorrow morning!”

“Dem a try hold mi dung but mi walk lef dem tings, a music mi sey!” (Black Ryno twitter)

Yesterday Urban Islandz first broke news that Black Ryno and Corey Todd had a brawl at a busy Mega Mart store in Kingston. We have since received conflicting stories from supporters of both sides.

Ryno is schedule to appear in court today and Urban Islandz will update you on the proceedings.

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