Update: Buju Banton Could Face Deportation If Granted Bail… Lawyer File Motion

TAMPA, FLORIDA. — Recent news reaching Urban Islandz.com is that Buju Banton lawyer David Markus applied for bail for the singer who has been in custody since December 10 last year.

Yesterday Judge moody declared a mistrial after the jury was unable to reach a unanimous verdict. The new trial date is set for December 6th 2010. Markus also hinted yesterday that he want bail for his client who has been unfairly in federal lockup for 10 months now. The judge said he will have a hearing for the bail today.

Markus filed a court document this morning in the Sam M Gibbons federal court requested that they release his client Mark Myrie (Buju real name). In the court documents Markus argued that his client was not a flight risk, he was not a threat to the community and pointed out that the government’s case against the artiste was weak and will not get any better.

Another twist to the development

Buju Banton visa was revoked last year upon his arrest on December 10, 2009. Which means that if Gargamel is released on bonds, he could face with deportation from immigration officials. Which means that he would not be able to enter the United States again. The case against him would be thrown out, unless the DEA request extradition for the artist back to the states to stand trial. This would only be more pain and heartache for an already embattled Buju Banton.

But Buju lawyer Markus said in the court documents that he would seek bond in the immigration court to prevent the artist deportation to Jamaica, so that he can stand trial at the new date.

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  1. It’s all bullsh*t

  2. the whole thing is a set up by the US Government.