Lisa Hyper In Hot Seat Again Over A New Song: “A Nuh Killa Mi A Talk”

Former Portmore Empire artist Lisa Hyper was forced to address growing controversy surrounding a new song she released called “No Beat Up.”

“A nuh Killa mi a talk, a real ting mi a talk. It is just coincidental that Bounty commit such an act by the time the song supposed to come out. Certain things Lisa Hyper is finished with. That song definitely not going out to Bounty. People already know Lisa Hyper. Now we a move on to bigger and better things. We don’t always want to paint a bad picture. You don’t always want to give the people dem a bad impression. Even the baby fi can sing my song dem.”

Dancehall deejay Bounty Killer was arrested and charge two weeks ago for allegedly beating his girlfriend with an hammer. Killer was denied bail last week and is schedule to appear in court again this week.

This is a preview of the song posted on Youtube… do you think Hyper is talking about Bounty?… comment below