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Buju Banton Audio Transcript Released… Gargamel “I’m So Stressed Out”

The audio transcript for conversations between Buju Banton and the informant Alexander Johnson was today released to the public.

The transcript which was posted on tampabay.com details conversations between Buju Banton and the Informant on July 27, July 30, August 4, August 5, August 24, September 3, September 12, December 4 and December 8 2009.

Buju repeatedly told the informant that, “I’m so stressed out.”

The transcript also shows the informant to be a persuasive individual, who constantly raise the subject of cocaine in their conversations. Buju also speaks about his musical career and that he finances and never gets involved in the shipping of cocaine.

However, during his testimony Buju said these were all big talks to impress the informant to get him a record deal.

Earlier today the 12 member jury failed to reach a verdict after they were split down the middle. The judge, however, sent them back to continue deliberation to reach a unanimous verdict.

For more details on the transcript or if you need a copy contact Urban Islandz.com here.

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