Update Day 2: US Informant Testified In Buju Banton Trial Today

One of the U.S. government informant, Alexander Johnson, has testfied today that Buju Banton introduced him to a friend who the reggae icon said had contacts to sell kilograms of cocaine.

Recordings of phone calls and other conversations between Banton and the informant, Alexander Johnson, were also played in court today (Tuesday Sept 21).

The prosecution then played recordings where Banton, was heard telling Johnson, “I am about making money, straight up” and “I have 15 children to send to school”.

“It would be good to have our own contacts. I would like to start small with five keys as I don’t want to take any risks,” Buju said on the recordings

Johnson testified that Gargamel introduced him to Ian Thomas who pleaded guilty to conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute five kilograms or more of cocaine. He faces up to life in prison, but could see his sentense shorten through a plea deal with the prosecutor to give testimony against Banton.