Nicki Minaj Said Drake Kept Her Away From Potential Beefs

Trinidad-American rapper Nicki Minaj has revealed how much of a positive impact Drake has had on her career and why the labelmate steers her away from potential rap beefs.

“He’s definitely told me, ‘Yo, leave that bullsh*t alone. That’s for people who ain’t got sh*t else to do.,'” Minaj said about Drake’s advice. “I’ve watched Wayne handle himself so well. I’ve seen people take shot after shot after shot at him and if it fazed him, I never saw it. People take shots because they’re hoping for a little bit of your energy. They need fuel…It’s not hard when you’re making a lot of money and everything you do is sold out, and people adore you and little kids are crying just to take a picture with you. I’m laughing all the way to the bank, just like Wayne said. Young Money is good.”