Nicki Minaj Discuss Relationship With Drake “He Wrote Alicia Keys Unthinkable For Me”

Young Money rapper Nicki Minaj is covering the October/November issue of Complex magazine.

In it, the rap diva discusses her relationship with Drake and Lil Wayne and talks about how she found out about Drizzy’s ‘marriage’ line on “Miss Me.”

“He told me he said something about me on a verse, but I didn’t think it would be anything like that. He let me hear it for the first time when we did Jay’s show at Madison Square Garden, the day before Wayne had to go to jail—that night he let me hear it on the headphones.”

Nicki also reveals that one of this year’s biggest R&B songs was actually written for her, telling the mag,

“You know what else [Drake] told me he wrote for me? The Alicia Keys song “I’m Ready.” I happen to love the song. I never told anyone that, I hope he won’t get mad that I said that.”