Buju Banton Lawyer Opens Up About Trial “If They tell The Truth”

Embattled Reggae icon Buju Banton lawyer David Oscar Markus is opening up regarding the trial just days away.

Markus said in an interview with Neville Bell on TVJ’s Smile Jamaica, “If they tell the truth, we believe that will happen. Thomas and Mack were at the deal and they did the deal.”

In another interview with the Observer Markus said, “I don’t believe that Mack will testify against Buju because he will say he never knew him. I don’t believe they will use him but let’s wait and see.”

Both Banton’s co-defendants sign off to a plea deal with the prosecutor to give testimony against him. The trial is set to begin on Monday September 20 in a Tampa Florida court for conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute five or more kilogrammes of cocaine. The charge carries a minimum sentence of 20 years to life in prison and a fine of up to US$4 million.