Is Gully Gaza Feud Still Lingering In Dancehall?

Last week rumors broke that the postponement of a popular weekly Jamaican party “Fresh Fridaze” was due to a lingering Gully Gaza bias among Disc-Jockeys who spin records at there.

Rumors have it that the owner of the building where “Fresh Fridaze” are held is affiliated with one side of the feud and does not want Disc-jockeys who are affiliated with the other side to work there. The Disc-jockeys made mention are Tony Matterhorn, Chris Diamond and Boom Boom.

Tony Matterhorn have since come out in his defense and claim that he is not affiliated with either side of the lingering feud.

“Mi is not a Alliance selector or no Gaza selector. Matterhorn bigger than Gully, Gaza and Alliance, mi deh yah before anyone of those establishments. A 22 years ago Matterhorn buss. Yuh eva hear Matterhorn a war wid nobody yet? Over the years, the only thing yuh hear is Matterhorn versus Firelinks or Trooper, musically.”

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