New Images Shows Nicki Minaj Booty Is Real

For a while there has been debates as to whether or not Trinidad-American rapper Nicki Minaj booty is real or fake.

Urban Islandz think the Caribbean descent rapper booty is real because of one main fact. She is from the Caribbean which is the BOOTY capital of the world. Jamaican and Trinidadian women tends to be extra bless in the right areas and if you want confirmation take a look at a few Jamaican dancehall videos or go to a Trinidad soca party.

Take a look at Nicki Minaj images from her recent show in Atlanta.


  1. I don’t care Nicki sexy sexy sexy…..

  2. The scary point is people are more focused on her a$$ then her lyrics! proves she is talent less! Sorry

  3. who ever believe that nikki booty is real is retarded and don’t know how to use the web, the good thing about the internet is that once a picture is up there you cant delete or remove it. there are tons of pictures of nikki minaj, kim k, amber rose, ect ect before the were famous and before they got the booty and sorry to say they have normal butts. and that claim that all carribean woman have a$$ must of came out a mans mouth. I am born and raised on the islands and I have a normal butt. My mom is white and my dad is blk so I am happy with what I have. I am not knocking them for there butt enhanement but its silly to try to fool the public and try to convince us your all natural. Kinda like micheal jackson saying that he only had one or two surgeries on his face, like really u think we all blind? lol

  4. seriously who is the writer for this site. do research before u write stories like this. anyone that knows Nicki from then to now KNOWS that a$$ ain’t hers. it looks good on her yes but it still ain’t hers.

  5. well idk if it’s real or not it’s really none of anyones business but I do know dat Serena Williams and Beyonce didn’t always have a big butt. so your saying their butts are fake too jus b/c they didn’t have a big butt when they were teens or young adults, stupid. look up Buffy” the body” she’s a prime example of a woman dat use to be skinny and now she’s really thick not b/c of surgery but b/c of eating a lot of protein, doing muscle building exercises, and taking weight gaining pills. there are more ways to get a big butt then putting silicone in your a$$. which she wouldn’t have done if your saying she did it after she was signed b/c it’s illegal for a doctor to put dat in your butt and a real doctor wouldn’t. most likely she got a butt lift which the doctor takes fat out of other pairs of your body and puts it in your butt and then reshapes it. plus educate urself before judging people.

  6. Coz u can’t touch It, it feeds tha eyes right, live with that!

  7. Lisha BeautiFullife XFields

    y everytime you have a nice round as people think its fake? and STOP TOUCHING IT, just to see if it is real!

  8. She is fake in general, it’s just not er a$$. I don’t respect her, fake hair, to much make up. I honk she tries to damn hard and the a$$ fake

  9. Tonja L. Scott-Pate

    Well, it’s hers if she paid for it. It’s her money right! Lmbo!

  10. ohhh nicki I wish 1 day I can meet u….luv u always.

  11. nicki a$$ is not real n she needa stop lying we seen how skinny u was before u got a deal mami…. lol its not dat serious if u cant own up to the surgery don’t get it…. did yall know what a$$ shots n breast implants look like in 4 to 5 years lol.

  12. I love natural beauty..but I love fake beauty also, altho it’s usually a sign of an insecure woman and that has it’s own problems. Gimme all the silicone, fake a$$es, fake tits, fake hips the world has, gimme em em all. Love me a nice, fat, poison injected booty 😀

  13. Rein Ugotta'luvit Jones

    Nicki a$$ is far from real. I seem Nicki when she first came out a few yrs back a$$ wasn’t fat at all and if you don’t believe me u can see the video on YouTube. It’s call ‘nicki minaj in New Jersey w/ bobby trends’. Her face wasn’t done her a$$ was way flatter and she ain’t have hips.

  14. ok it her leave her alone if she want to look like a barbie so.
    let her it her money.
    and I bet some of yall would have done the same.

  15. That sucks and all these lil mamas going to want the same.

  16. The Caribbean might be the booty capital of the world, and Nicki does have a booty…but(no pun intended) every girl in the Caribbean does not have a booty. While the old Nicki wasn’t suffering from the disease noa$$atall, like Rovin Fevrier said so eloquently “…she didn’t have a big a$$ then…” lol :-).

  17. yall are stupid. its called working out. have you ever seen buffy the body’s before and after picture? when you got the dough/time, you got the trainer, therefore you got the booty. simple.

  18. common sense its a fake in planted a$$s just like fake titties.

  19. Listen. How can anyone say whether her butt is real or fake? Unless You were there at the doctors office w/ her when she allegely got all this “fake” stuff than you really don’t know shxt. So stfu. I mean why does it even matter? Her a$$ has nothing to do w/ her music. Yall sound like a bunch of haters. & I ain’t sayin I’m for or against her. I’m just saying that the people that hate the most are the ones who will never dream of seeing the $$$$ that she has right now.

  20. haha interesting what’s the issue, if she got a nice butt or not.most important music @Rovin its some years gone and ladies grow faster.

  21. boy if that a$$ is fat can I have a bite!

  22. It is not real…check out her YouTube videos when she was trying to get famous…..I love her am not hating on her but dnt let plp fool u guys it’s fake… is very rare that Indians bave a$$ n she is a Indian from Trinidad


  24. waouw is very nice

  25. type “nicki minaj before the fame” into youtube and then SHUTYAMOUT’ – dutty lickle lesbian piece a shi*, making our beautiful Black Queens attempt looking like a ra$$ european fool. You should all agree with Kartel and his bleach out face too I guess.

  26. ES enana, tiene unos taconazos enormes por que sino se le pegaría el culo al suelo, paticorta!
    Culo de vaca!

  27. Beautifulfacio

    I love nicki her body is amazing the best in hollywood and she makes me want to chase my dreams. I love you nicki dont ever change. You inspire me. Love you!!!!!

  28. Brunette Alexandre


  29. nicki is sexy as heel i will f–k the sh** out of her

  30. idc if its fake or not ill still smash her sh*t

  31. Fake a$$ butt……….HOW U GON FRONT FROM BEHIND NICKI!!!!!
    p.s. call me

  32. Are u all THAT retarded. Her butt is SOOOO FAke in dis pic. I’m from Trinidad and i know a big butt when i see one. That is NOT one.

  33. This day and age people are forgetting that SOME black girls DO have big butts. Its sad when people start questioning EVERY black woman with a big butt whether it is real. Its starting to be sad.

  34. who cares if it’s fake or not…. why is people so bothered by it…. it’s her f**king life. How is it affecting anyone else what she do with her a$$ she still getting paid while ya’ll losers keep reseacher her every move. step your cookies up before they crumble (in my nicki voice) ;-)>

  35. nice fat booty

  36. theres a old picture of her out before she got famous an she got no @ss………………..


  38. You guys are idiots if you believe it…lol it’s obviously fake..

  39. Nicki well got damn at least i got to say this is a bad as picture.!!! (yo-boy king-lo).!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. sh*t i wanna marry her, ain’t never seen no girl like her for real she would be a wifey dat makes her man happy err day 😉

  41. i think nicki minaj is a real women paris hilton and all these others are wayyyy too thin looking like little boys people who are attracted too them must like men no offence!!!!!! Xx

  42. Nicki minaj can I f*ck plz