50 Cent On Dissing Diddy: “I Talk To Puffy, He Said Da Sh*t I Be Doing Is Bad For Business”

G-Unit leader 50 Cent has promised to cease taunting rap rival Diddy in light of a recent conversation he had with the hip-hop mogul.

“I had a conversation with Puffy the night before Jay. He gave me a whole new perspective on his actions. He’s like, ‘I understand the way you felt because of what I was doing at the time. But I wasn’t thinking what you was thinking I was. You done hit me nine times. I’m just in the fetal because I understand why you are attacking me. But if I can’t touch bases with you to tell you what I’m thinking or why I did it, then you can’t understand it.’ We created a little clarity out there.”

Prior to ceasing the taunts, 50 dissed the rapper’s Dirty Money group via Twitter.

“I’m back motherf*ckers! So ima bust a shot to let u know sh*t is real. this that dirty money Pow!,” 50 tweeted Monday (September 6) night.

“I talk to puffy he said n*gga da sh*t you be doing is bad for business we can make a lot of money together. so that’s the last puffy hit lol.”