Miss Kitty: “Mi A No Scammer”

Popular Jamaican media personality Miss Kitty is coming under fire regarding an alleged scam going on with Digicel “Juss Buss” promotion.

“Mi a no scammer, mi not even suppose to call nobady and tell them they win nutten, so mi no know whe dat come from,” Kitty told one of our sources in Jamaica.

Digicel ‘Jus Buss’ was launched as a summer¬†promotion on July 2 it ended August 26. Through the promotion, Digicel users had the chance to win up to $100,000 as well as a Samsung S5230 handset. Some Jamaicans are taking advantage of the promotion to scam indidviduals by telling them they win and should send $12,000 to claim their winnings. Similar to the popular lottery scam originated in Western Jamaica.