Shyne On Phony Rappers: “I Don’t Let Goons Take Advantage Of A Square”

Deported emcee Shyne has discussed his problems with self-proclaimed “gangsta” rappers and why artists should not try to disguise their rhymes with fictional tales of violence and crime.

“I don’t let goons take advantage of a square,” Shyne explained in an interview. “I’m just that type of dude. What’s right is what’s right. It’s like, I don’t have a problem with a civilian calling the police when somebody breaks into her crib, a mother saying, ‘Listen man, they got my baby boy.’ But when a dude get in the booth and he’s talking about the life that me and my partners lived, and he’s promoting that, but when real life happens he wants to be a civilian — be what you be. If you ain’t where we from or do what we do, then be that. I love Kanye [West], I love Kid Cudi and all these kids talking that truth they know. That’s their truth. But when a dude gets in that booth and he talks about truth, he testifies, or he’s working for law enforcement — he saying this sh*t’s a hundred, putting it in, but when it comes time, he talking to the cops.

Shyne also credited artists like Kanye West and Kid Cudi for remaining true to their raps.