WYCLEF IN HIDING After Getting DEATH THREATS… Gone Till November

Hip hop icon Wyclef Jean bid for Haiti presidency took another nose dive after the singer is reportedly getting some serious death threats.

Urban Islandz sources in Haiti told us that Clef disappeared yesterday after getting a series of emails and phone calls threatened to hang him in the town square if he doesn’t suspend his presidential bid. No one knows where he is hiding, as the source speculate that he might flee Haiti in the aftermath of these developments.

But, how strange is that considering he has been rejected due to his failure to have proven true residency for the required 5 years. On the flip side, Clef says he can and has proven that he’s been a Haitian resident for 5 years straight, the minimum needed to run for president there. So, there you have it.

Poor Clef you can’t fix Haiti problems….