Daggering And Flossing… The Real Reason Bolt Pulled Out Of Season

Earlier this week an unreliable source told us that Usain Bolt injured his back from a possible stint with new reality star girlfriend, but we did not published that story because we were getting conflicting reports as to the circumstances surrounding Bolt injury.

The story being circulating about his injury is that the double world-record holder Usain Bolt has pulled the plug on the remainder of his 2010 season due to discomfort in his back

We decided to dig deeper into the matter and in the process uncover the real reason why Bolt might pickup up a back injury at this peak time in this years athletic season. We spoke to a source who happens to be extremely close to Bolt who told us not only was Bolt missing some training but was partying all summer with friends and getting several hangovers.

The source said Bolt was seen at almost every show in Montego Bay and Kingston doing the daggering dance. We spotted Bolt at reggae sumfest all three nights and down ATI with his second reality star girlfriend flossing.

Our sources also tells us that Bolt and his friends were pulled over by cops going home from a show, who found them to be intoxicated but let the off when he realized it was Bolt. So from the look of things it seems Bolt pick up an injury while daggering and flossing. Maybe one fatty jump pon him