Ele Want Back Benz Claims He Was Unfairly Targeted

Dancehall deejay Elephant Man says he wants back his Mercedes Benz that was confiscated by the Inland Revenue Department last week. Ele also claim he was victimized by the IRD because of his celebrity status.

Lask week Urban Islandz broke news that the dancehall deejay owed millions of dollars in unpaid tax, which result in the tax authority confiscating his personal assets to recover money owed.

We have also learned that the deejay is on a list of 50 high profile delinquent tax payers. We cannot publish the names of these high profile delinquent tax payers, but the list includes several reggae and dancehall artists.

Ele’s lawyer Roderick Gordon told Jamaican journalists that the artists deejay had made a payment, in the millions, to the Inland Revenue at the end of March, with discussions made for him to continue making payments in the future.