Chino “Never Change” Killing Japan

Dancehall music has found a place in the heart of Japanese urban culture over the last decade and 2010 is even a bigger year for Jamaican dancehall in Japan.

No one would have thought that Chino’s new album Never Change would gain so much traction in that territory to hit the number one Reggae Album spot.

Never Change, which was released last Wednesday, debuted at the number seven spot on the Japan iTunes Top Reggae album chart, and climbed to the second spot later that evening.

Chino beats out heavy weights like Reggae King Bob Marley’s album “Legend” to be the top selling and most played album in all of Japan. A country that has for decades cemented Reggae music in their culture.

“I just have to give so much thanks to the fans, both here and overseas for their support throughout the years. It’s been a long journey and I want to say bless up to everyone who has been there and will be there to see my continuous musical growth,” an obvious humble Chino told Jamaican journalists.