Fambo To Star As “Major Lazer” In New Cartoon Series

Cartoon network night time “adult swim” is bursting with popularity among Jamaicans locally and in the US. With popular series such as Family Guy, King of the Hill, The Cleveland Show and the most Recent Boondocks, Cartoon Network is fast becoming a favorite night time Television. The network is now planning to cast a new Jamaican “adult swim” like cartoon series staring Major Lazer.

The Major Lazer character was created by Grammy winning producers Diplo and Switch, with the character became a phenomenon last year after the release of the album Guns Don’t Kill People … Lazers Do.

“Cartoon Network approached us with the idea, we got a plot written and we should start airing in September. It’s a live-action thing like the music videos we’ve done with him and they liked the attitude and the animation, the way it looked,” Diplo told Jamaican journalists.

Future Fambo who recently auditioned to voice the Major Lazer character, and several other local artists such as Mr Lexx, Leftside, Bugle and Mr Vegas will voice other characters in the new series. The series should start airing at the beginning of fall 2010.