Ce’Cile Song “Coffee” Riding the Airwaves… Listen To Song Inside

Dancehall Diva Ce’Cile never fails to impress her fans with bad and sometimes controversial tunes, her latest song “Coffee” is riding the airwaves across the Caribbean and in the Unites States. Leaving everyone pondering what is the song “Coffee” all about.

Some lyrics from the song:

Ce’Cile said she got the inspiration for Coffee while on a flight to Germany. “I found it hilarious when the (flight) attendant asked me how I liked my coffee,” she said. “I have a naughty mind and I thought to myself ‘The way I like my men; black’, so I told her ‘no sugar, no cream’, and that’s how the song came about.”

The chorus and first verse say: “Coffee co, co, co coffee/Inna di morning mi haffi get mi coffee/Coffee mi waaa coffee/Lunch time, dinner time, a jus a jus a jus Coffee/ Gimmi mi coffee/Inna di morning mi haffi get mi coffee/Coffee mi want coffee/mi love it mi love it mi love it”

“Mi take it black wid no cream/Mi love the hot coffee full a pure steam/It might burn but mi nu waa no ease/Wake me up with the coffee don’t gimme no tea/Coffee mug haffi tall and lean/Full it up to the top not a drop mi nah leave/My coffee is a A-Grade bean/

The way mi addicted mi wi climb a coffee tree.”

Listen the full song below