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Demarco – King Kong (Mavado Diss) Lyrics

(Intro) A wa the f**k do you Barber? Dem don’t even rate him over Cassava Man have a eye pon you corner Drive by pon you corner (Chorus) Pu**y, anything […]

Fetty Wap – Different Now Lyrics

(Intro) Turn the music up a little bit Yeah babe Haha, it’s that Fetty Wap over here (Chorus) Oh my God it’s so different now, yeah How they used to […]

Frank Ocean – Ivy Lyrics

(Chorus) I thought that I was dreaming When you said you loved me It started from nothing I had no chance to prepare I couldn’t see you coming It started […]

Frank Ocean – Nikes Lyrics

(Chorus – Frank Ocean) These bitches want Nikes They looking for a check Tell em it ain’t likely Said she need a ring like Carmelo Must be on that white […]

Travis Scott – Black Mass Lyrics

(Verse) Always used to pull up pop trunk at Chancellors Yeah, growing hard Falling hard, like a cancer Yeah, always in the city Always keep a dancer Yeah, she playing […]