(Verse 1)
Run dem down, run dem down, clap it again
Cyaa diss town or the links from west end
Barrel a spin wi knock it till hi bend
Bredaly walk wid him s–k pu–y friend
Him step so mi knock it, mi put it pon rapid
Lock off him breath put shot in a forehead
Grange Hill badman dem no soft like a porridge
Westmoreland Mobay we create massive damage

When the rifle sing
A no the voice wid Tessanne Chin
When the barrel a spin
Wi kill off every fing thing

When the rifle sing
Yo no have no time fi reblack berry pin

(Verse 2)
Put shot in a neck, shot in a head
Then mi tek off yo gyal jeans string
Wi no tek press, no mi no remote
F–k round the links pon the news yuh a report
Like boat bwoy body it a float
Cut dem throat like goat
Pass mi the ingram, a no sing mi a sing song
Fi dem badness just a post pon instagram
Now mi deal wid action
Fi dem badness out a 8 negative 1

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus 2X)