(Verse 1)
Practically, sensationally
Yet yo obsessed emotionally
Gyal play with yo body mathematically
C–key send up in a pu–y arithmetically
Turn her back way like am pushing chally
Yuh a go waan left yo man wait and si
Clear, clear, yo waan show mi vacancy
But no strings attach

I know you like when we fed all night
Go ahead and ride mi c–key like a bike
Meck hi twist yo tripe, pull up yo appetite
Black out, shorts out yo fuse
Pu–y get batter bruise
Rass a weh mi condom

Physically, girl wine for me
Physically, move up yo body
Physically, girl wine for me
Physically, gallang bad

(Verse 2)
Up and down like a sizzar
Mi lease dem tension wooser
Imbucel camasutra
Lets be honest
If yuh bread gyal then don’t seh a mi
No want yo man come f yuh up sake a mi
Him lame that’s why yo obsessed wid mi
Member gyal, am yo fing buddy
Dramatically, literally
Fit like a rass so mi physically
Tonight wid Kim, tomorrow gone wid Sally
A suh wi get gyal naturally

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 2)

(Repeat Chorus)

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