Chaos Erupt In Downtown Kingston, Vybz Kartel Fans Protest [VIDEO]


Vybz Kartel verdict

Chaos erupted in front of the Supreme Court building in downtown Kingston this afternoon after hundreds of Vybz Kartel fans stormed a police barricade.

Police officers moved to cordon off sections of the streets to the court house this morning fearing a stampede as the verdict draws near.

DETAILS: Vybz Kartel Murder Trial: Jury Starts Deliberation

But this afternoon a large crowd of angry fans stormed the barricade when they saw rapper Busta Rhymes arrived at the court.

Kartel fans

Police officers called in reinforcements but by then the crowd had already flood the front section of the Supreme Court building.

The jury is now deliberating and a verdict could be reached tonight.

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  • guestenuh

    i swear these ppl acting like kartel is da next messiah ready to deliver dem out of poverty, all da guy do is sing music

    • Simone

      U can say that again! Some Jamaicans are delusional. This man is a killer, extortionist, and devil worshiper, and hear how he’s being saluted. Are they serious?

      • InaGotovina

        And ur one of those delusional jamaicans ,simpleminded bird . F U and ur slave morality

    • Kai

      Ikr. It’s ridiculous the way these people are getting on. Reminds me of the Trayvon Martin case.

      • gaza boss

        If you dont know nothing about katel dont have nothing to say

      • Kai

        And I take it you know everything about him? The man is guilty case close. NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW ASSHOLE

      • Ayanna Homer

        Yes it’s just like that trayvon… we all listen to his song…. an it’s something like that

    • this me

      Kartel represent fi di ghetto ppl and he belongs to the ghetto ppl and they are going to naturally defend what is theirs. Kartel brought niceness inna nuff ppl life, it is more meaningful to them then an outsider looking in would understand. the situation is bad for them and he was their relief, the way they see it, he did more “good” for them than the so called “justice system” did.

      • Gaza Boss

        you said it best dan. kartel bring a different kind of hope to not only Jamaican ppl, but ppl world wide. yes he has plenty songs with explicit lyrics but he also has many reality songs that highlight d struggles the ppl face on a daily basis. Guilty on not am supporting Adijah Palmer aka Vybz Kartel aka World Boss aka The Teacher aka Gaza Dan, 150%.

      • InaGotovina


    • Tweley

      Kartel did god and bad, don’t judge him.

      • Apple God Bless

        Don’t worry about people judging Kartel, on that final and last day when God put in is appearance all will be judged for his and her sins. Kartel cannot give an account for no one sins on judgement day but his own. All you people need to realise that Kartel is no God he cannot save anyone.

  • mrseanpaul81

    music that makes the people forget about their situation even for a minute. It is a brief but needed relief that his masterfully crafted relief bring to a down and oppressed community. It is a powerful thing!

    • this me

      well said sir

    • Ayanna Homer

      I agree

      • primo ny
      • Ayanna Homer

        Hi hit u up on email

      • primo ny

        You did?

      • Ayanna Homer

        Yes I did… I was Dwl with comments these Ppl have me talking in a way that I’m trying to understand them… got to tell my friend to get in here… it’s funny that Ppl take things to alot of levels… a email message

      • browning

        Me too

  • bad unnoh

    mmmh ooooh not how come they have given him a guility verdict

  • gaza boss

    Kartel a the daddy fi dancehall reggae right now even when he is lock up no culb,party,are dance can not make money if the selector not playing. Kartel futher more a nuff people police and politicians kill all over Jamaica everyday innocently and none a them no gone a prison but the world well hear what is going to happen because them get way with dodus and style up busy signal and buju and a d world boss them want tek now well them better have enough prison cell fi hold all gaza fans from the 14 parish in Jamaica because if a war them want a war them ago get

    • mash up head

      It sorry to say a gaza mi come from and world boss gone to jail. This is an example of how serious the judicial system of Jamaica has become. He has been tried. They found him guilty. This protest of ignorance arrogance and lack of knowledge again awears the system of how much power the world boss have giving them more reason not to let him out. There is a way to a more peaceful protest. The evidence prove teacher guilty. Sorry to hear dat.

      • Apple God Bless

        Not because you came out of a community, you should be like the community. You need to give your life to Jesus, because on that day of Judgement everyone will have to stand before the almighty one and answer for his and her sins. If you should die and your soul shall be lost its nobody’s fault but yours remember that.

  • junior

    OMG Dancehall will never b d same again

  • junior

    am frm Trinidad and i can say Kartel fan base is big here…d guy is by far d best dancehall artiste of this era….he is not d messiah but his music is influencial all over an especially in Jamaica..I hope he can still write music if he’s geting life time …Big up Vybz Kartel,Shawn Storm an d whole Gaza family frm me>KARTEL BIGGEST fan frm Trinidad

  • Chuckygee

    Well when you have a government that is powerless to deliver or chooses not to, then it is obvious that people will put their hopes, trust and aspirations in someone or something other than the government. When your dealing with JA music and those that make music are quite frequently elevated into positions of mini Gods and often become the healers of the nation. It may appear ridiculous to many, including me, but when the power structure continues to fail the masses, I think, it’s the power structure that needs investigating not just the likes of vibes cartel…

  • Prince Fame Shem

    nuff people gonna talk sh– abt da world boss but through dem na understand what it is to cum out a no where to cum up from nothing to sumthing plus no matter if its in life or death,road or behing bars vybz kartel have all ma respect cuz a world boss mek da world floss wether its concious vybz or sumthing mix up da man understand music an fu– what people talking but demon worshiper cuz iz nuff tune VK sing that can relate to everyday lifestyle im not a jamaican an i can tell anybody dat an da law wrong deal nuff people already nuff innocent fall short becuz of da law and since nobody is perfect how da fu– da law can be perfect eh hmmmm and to da world boss just keep dat faith rememba a u say jah jah neva give you more dan you can bear and life goes on just relax yo head G cuz u muss cum bk a road again but untill then peace

    • Apple God bless

      Kartel should have given his life to Jesus, maybe he would have been freed, but him a devil worshiper and no devil can be successful in life for long, A Jesus mi say, and without him no man on earth can prosper, Some Jamaicans like too much slackness, they need to find themselves something progressive in life to do, like studying to make thy self aprove. Wake up and get educated and stop living off other people’s music to eat a bread. The word of God said, My people are ignorant because they are lack of knowledge. All you people you need to go and give your life to Jesus because on that day every man will have to give an account for his and her sins, Kartel cannot answer to Jesus for anyone sins but his own.