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Demarco – Menage A Trios Lyrics


Freaky gyal a wa that yuh a do to me
Da gyal deh meck mi haffi watch her like a fifa
Mi wouldn’t mine fi me and yuh go do a video
A 3 sum gyal mi a pree to

Skin out yo pu–y gyal f–k fi yo money
The gyal dem a shout up fi the money
F–k in a the dance gyal show dem yo bone
Every hand fi a dip in a billfoard

Skin out yo pu–y gyal f–k fi yo money
Gyal da wine deh bun up fi the money
Gyal yo good pu–y gooder than gold
Liquor buss in a yo head lose yo soul

(Verse 1)
Wine bo, bo, wine
Wine bo, bo, winer
Force up mi big c–key in a vagina
Shana tight but Teesha tighter
Mi waan the shine check Lisa Hyper
Gyal come wine pon da piece a pipe yah
Bad it up mi gyal yuh a real survivor
Bruk off the buddy receive da stripe yah
But da c–key yah need saliver

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Shi deep throat the c–key eye water come quick
Shi seh fi f–k her hard mi wont quit
Shi seh Marco yo f–k her good don’t it
Freaky gyal mi love, love, mi love it
So a me and yuh my girl
And she know seh mi get gyal once she
Straight buddy in a pu–y that a man pree
A the 3 sum a get them angry

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Intro)

(Repeat Chorus 2X)

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