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Bencil & Ishawna – Bring It Come Lyrics

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Baby a long time mi tell yo bring it come
Long itme girl mi a tell you seh fi fling it paw mi
Yo get it a me yo love

Yea mi know yo want mi bwoy
A long time yo tell mi bring hi come

A long time giel mi a tell yo seh fi fling it paw mi
Mi a the only
Yea mi know mi hold you girl

(Verse 1)
Caw mi no know weh yo do to me
But mi love how mi body feel when yo put it paw mi
Mi put it good paw you, fi meck yo stick paw mi
Yo body feel warm sweat a drip paw mi
Mi never know it would a feel so sweet
Mi love the way yo gimmi, mi no waan fi leave no
Cyaa seh mi never did a worn yo
Seh baby come and bring it come

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Caw who never waan gimmi none
Now a me and you lock down
A me and you lock down

Mi know mi never did waan give yo none
But mi glad mi give yo some
Glad mi give yo some

Ishawna you a mi pretty Barby
So wine for mi, take yo time paw mi

Alright then mi a go climb pon hi
Mi waan fi feel it like a hydro-lix

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Tell mi why, why, why mi cyaa sleep good at night
Cause a you alone mi have paw mi mind
And if yo knock mi a go let you inside

Girl open up, place mi inside
Mi waan bring yo pon the seaside
Meck yo get wet from mi boat ride
Watch me and you tonight

(Repeat Chorus)

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