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Cecile – Wine Up Mi Body Lyrics


Bad chick no waan no likkle bit a wuk
Dem waan di volcano erupt
Get a bad chick if yo waan yo back broke
Yes mi have di good wuk

Mi man love it when mi wine up mi body, body, yeh
Him love it when mi run hi, run hi, yeh
Him love it when mi pose an wine
Him seh my gyal so so, so, fine
Gyal no care an tek it to di edge
Yo body never meck no man dead
Some gyal only use dem bray
My gyal yo tame di bull inna di pen

(Verse 1)
Sit down pon di stallio
Don’t stop ride
Sweet style a di tree grove
Di new chrome 9
Wine worth wild, body squeeze so tight
Naw mash no low life caw mi seeet, seet, right
Wi do wuk, mi no palay, play, a no so mi stay
And no gyal cyaa take my man away
My man seh him naw left mi no day
Cause mi no easy like no 123

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Him seh hi likkle hee
No tickle hee
Mi man score every time him dribble inn
Kotch hi pon di side, bumpa riddle inn
every man waan figure mi riggle inn
Mi got a badder style, tonight mi haffi gi him
Balance neat pon di disc like a figurine
Yo man waan me, but mi no waan si him
Mi done hold my man completely

(Repeat Chorus 2X)

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