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Demarco – Loyal Lyrics

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(Verse 1)
Member mi did tell yo bout badmind friend
From yo turn yo back dem waan yo life fi end
Caw dem no like we
But anything mi talk me can defend
Dem seh dem waan mi dead now
Chat behind mi back and when dem si mi dem friend mi
Tell dem seh wi no like badmind, groudgeful, envious people
From you a pree mi life then mi delete you
Wi don’t care, mi gun dem never deh far mi deh near
And meck mi tell yo this
Wi no laugh, wi no smile wid people
Dem dis pon the barber green mi go leave you
We don’t care, mi tell yo straight seh a this you fi hear

Some a dem pu–y yah no loyal
Badmind in a dem blood
Is like dem bwoy deh no have no love
Waan yo brain fly weh like a dove

Some a dem pu–y yah a user
So mi no hear dem in a the street
Go look yo mumma fi go use
Dem cyaa trick mi wid no Hennessy

(Verse 2)
From yo turn yo back dem waan yo drop a ground
Badmind you caw yo set up a shop a town
Dem leek information to squaddy fi dem top a sound
Yo think a that alone dem set up man fi tek yo shatter crown
Dem wi kill yo fi the name a yo colone
Tell dem seh yo ever have it pon yo when yo round
Dutty heart better meck sure seh dem tougher than a stone
Tell dem seh wi rougher than the ground

(Repeat Chorus)

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