Romeo Miller

Romeo Miller sent the rumor mill in full swing when he uploaded a photo of Selena Gomez on his Instagram page.

The rapper has been known to have a crush on the actress/singer for quite some time. But now that she is single perhaps it is all happening.

Selena Gonez romeo dating

The photo show Selena Gomez wearing a sweater from Romeo’s new fashion line Romeeverything.

“I live for the nights that I can’t remember with the people that I won’t forget. #romeeverything,” Romeo captioned the photo

  • htownspitfire

    i love selena but dont be fooled by her half italian claims, her mom is adopted by a old country a$$ family with italian roots, her mom is mexican american just like her dad…..

  • truth

    Lmao romeo want dat white coochie lol, he on stalker mode, white girls would do that to a brother… Yall white guys better hope she dnt go black because she won’t come back nd romeo look like he gonna penetrate her lil a$s if he get her alone…

  • truth

    Lol!!! White guys get scared and angry when a brotha takes there women… Watch they will hate selena just like they hate kim kardashian they hate to see white girls with black men lol… Well you should come to my area you will have a heart attack its so many pretty white girls with black guys… Black guys just have sex appeal almost every race of women wants them get over it white guys lol… And selena looks more hot if she is with a black guy justin is a wangsta…

  • Selenators_forever

    She is Italian and Hispanic SHE IS A LATINA

    • obozo

      Italian = white
      white = European descendants.
      Americans = Europeans descendants = white.

      • Steve

        When u say white u make it sound so ignorant . There are so many white ppl from different places that speak different languages in Europe. Mexicans are mixed with almost every race in the book and its a beautiful mix might I add. So she’s Mexican and Italian.




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  • Felps

    I guess Justin wasn’t black enough for her she needed a real brother.

  • Laby

    This is only rumors guy’s don’t get so worked up lol, maby he just wanted to show he’s fans that Selena is wearing he’s clothes or maby he wants to use this for advertising?

    • SMG4Lyfe

      He has stated that Selena is the female version of him and that he would like a “hot date” with her. He has also posted several sexier photos of Selena on his Instagram over the past year stating his interest in her or at least his interest in hooking up. He is a playa though she needs to stay away.

  • april

    Who cares! Ain’t nothing wrong with interracial dating. Racist! They both make music. And who cares if he’s justins friend. Justin is always in the spot light with some girl. So who cares? If she’s happy. You are nobody! Your opinion doesn’t matter.

  • Emily

    His new single is “Let Me See You Twerk,” he works with Miley, has taking nude selfies, is Justin’s friend… She has extremely bad decision making skills when it comes to dating.

    • Ashnator

      He mentions Selena at 2:48 in Call Her Miley, “Your girl out on me because I’m rich, black, and safe. You mfers aint. I heard your name Selena. I heard your name Selena I could do some things. Make you feel like a Marina…” Maybe Selena isn’t the innocent girl she comes off as.

  • Affinity4Music

    black dudes think they can have any white girl they want, leave our women alone

    • Jack

      She’s not white by the way

      • Cute girl 123

        She’s both spanish and white

      • steve

        how does that sound spanish and white????. Selena Gomez is Mexican and Italian for your information. say it properly.

      • Mynameis

        Agreed, and she looks more Mexican than Italian.

      • Selenators

        Exactly . Thank u

      • obozo

        white= from European decent, so yeah, she is half white.

    • LOL JEALOUS !!!!

    • Rapid Insertion

      No one wants your filthy women, get over your selves! Selena Gomez btw is 3/4ths Mexican and a quarter Italian, so she’s absolutely not white. How did you not notice?…. Are you possibly retarded?

      • Affinity4Music

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      • David Teal

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