Sizzla and Ninja Man clash

Ninja Man and Sizzla Kalonji are building up the anticipation for Sting 30.

In a friendly square off of wise vs idiot at Luthan Fire birthday bash last week.

“Two two idiots ago dun the place,” Ninja Man said. But Sizzla shot back saying “listen you a the idiot and me is the wise so no tell me bout two idiots a who you a ramp wid.”

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Popcaan, Harry Toddler, Specialist and more also took the stage and the vibe was all good.

Also watch the full video of everyone on stage.

  • badda don

    Kartel kick down him
    bomboclot bou ninja win ova kartel

    • Biggs

      And kartel say he fear for life after……. Ninja ah boss

    • badda don, you forgot to tell the rest of the story! Kartel kick down Ninja, and??? AND in 24 hours Kartel was SHOT 5 TIMES, pistol whipped and spanked, a lesson for dissing the Don Gargon !!! When he came out of hospital he released a stupid song called “Dem waan mi dead but mi nuh dead”. Yuh soun like wan a dem fool fool gaza fan weh bleach weh di truth..

  • Unknown

    Ninja Man is the KING of CLASHING! He’s clashed against Supercat, Kartel, Shabba etc… and WON ALL!!! Big Up Ninja. #MurdaDemMurdaDem

  • Feema

    Maaaad a dem ting yah me a talk bout teach dem sizzla and ninja mek the younger ones know how to clash mi live it nah lie

  • Madrass

    Nice friendly clash sizzla win tis big up ninja man real clash dj in his prime .hope the bobo yute win the Grammy!!

  • Dancehall fan

    Love it lol

    Real foundation clash but Sizzla badder than Ninja