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Sizzla Kalonji US Visa Revoked, Jamaican Gay Rights Group Celebrate

Reggae/dancehall star Sizzla Kalonji was hit with a major setback this week when the United States Embassy revoked his work visa.

The development resulted in a cancellation of his upcoming US Tour.

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Jamaican gay rights group Jamaica Association of Gays and Lesbians Abroad (JAGLA) are celebrating the news calling it a victory for gays.

“This is the result of the “Fyah Bun” anti-gay lyrics. If you hate gays so much, why desire to perform in countries that protect the rights of members of the LGBT community? Hypocrisy,” the group wrote on their Facebook page.

“Thanks to members of the LGBT community in the USA who lobbied against Sizzla’s Tour! Big Unnu Self,” the group added.

The promoters of Sizzla’s tour are not giving up on their effort to bring the reggae veteran to the United States.

In a statement sent to Urban Islandz, Stephen Brush of International Artists Agency says the tour is postponed until February.

“It is not a dead issue, but I am no longer comfortable waiting and seeing,” Brush said. “What I would like to do is postpone the tour and look at rebooking it for February and MArch. In the meantime once he does gain entrance into the states, we will fly him over to do a national press release on the tour and explain how all of the promoters on this tour were so supportive and patient with the process.”

The tour was scheduled to run from November 21st through to December 22 with seven shows in Virginia, Washington D.C., New York and Colorado.

Sizzla has not performed in the United States in over 5 years after his visa was revoked in 2008.


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