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Blak Ryno – Stinga Bwoy [New Music]


Dancehall star Blak Ryno drop a new single “Stinga Bwoy,” Produced by Ikation Records/Garrison Records.

Bwoy the gyal, seh shi waan roll wid a tug
One touch mi gi are shi fall in a love
Shi stick on paw mi like palm inna glove
Da bwoy yah know how fi keep are warm wid a hug

Yeh Ryno meck shi fall inna love
Sweat a run skin to skin so pass mi a jug
Shi tell mi da unruly bwoy deh a buck
Like the love life a go fall in a mud

Shi seh, shi tired fi warn him hi no
Shi find the stinger man and shi no want him hi no
Mi a sting are up in a the morning hi no
Shi love da bwoy yah, shi seh shi naw give mi up

Listen track below.

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