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I-Octane – Love You Like I Do Lyrics


I know they love you like I do
There is no one to love you like I boo

Come on lady, know they love you like I do
There is no one to change how I love you

(Verse 1)
When she’s hurting, am crying
When am hurting, she’s crying
Yes love is burning like fire
Burning like fire
And we beloved and that can never bright
Memories of happiness to applause
To di highest mount Everest
Conclude when mi reminisce

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Yes baby, if that star come falling down
I waan make a wish
Cause your all I ever wanted
So I won’t change a thing
Baby protect yuh like a military soldier
And rest yo head up on mi shoulder
I bring yo roses in the morning like a real man suppose to

(Repeat Chorus)

Oh yea, baby I love you
Thank God I found you
You mean di world to me

Oh yea, baby I love you
Oh yes I need you
Mean so much to me

(Repeat Chorus)

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