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Macka Diamond – My Body Is Calling (Raw) [New Music]


Dancehall star Macka Diamon drop a new single “My Body Is Calling,” Produced By So Unique Records.

A pure ammunition yuh a give to di haters
Two years a foreign all now him no get no papers
Mi nukki waan yuh like f**ker frustrater
Mi haffi get a c**key by lata
Right now mi horny, mi cyaa wait no longer
Drink 2 magnum mi just bun a ganga
Mi hand paw mi jaw, mi sit down paw mi veranda
Should I f**k di cable man? Mi still deh yah a panda
Right now mi panty wet from this feeling
Mi never f**K Randy, mi swear mi just freak him
3 time mi neighbors dem catch mi peeking
Da pu**y yah a get f**K by a evening

Listen track below.

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