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Stein – Yuh Mi A Pree [New Music]


Dancehall star Stein drop a new single “Yuh Mi A Pree,” off the Club Famous Riddim, Produced By 2 Bad Production.

Gyal yuh mussa photocopier caw yuh a print it
Yo stand up inna yo shorts and print it
Mi insist seh wi haffi meck a link with
How yo body so sexy and bea sting with
Man a run yuh down like race, Olympics
bwoy no waan si yo body him a pink fish
Everywhere yo go dem show love

Gyal come bubble up yo body inna famous club
Hey gyal, yuh have di print out meck mi checked yo file
Yuh have di print out meck mi checked yo file
Gyal inna tights yuh a lead by a couple mile
Natural so no gyal cyaa tek yo style

Listen full track below.

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