Last month Urban Islandz told you that Rihanna is planning to make her relationship with Chris Brown official after dropping her latest album Unapologetic.

The two love birds have been spotted out partying together a lot lately including in New York last month and most recently in Germany on Thanksgiving Day. Now Rihanna is upping things a little bit.

PHOTO: Rihanna Rolls Up The Biggest Blunt Yet

The “Diamonds” singer posted the above photo on her Instagram today along with a very revealing message, leaving fans to read between the lines.

The photo shows Rihanna and Chris Brown passionately embracing each other on a couch.

Some fans are still uneasy with their relationship given their history. However, Rihanna seems to be very happy so we can only wish her the best.

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  • Judeen Chaplin

    u need to get married……

  • Judeen Chaplin

    raaaaaayyyy! you hold u can cz u uku tite….big up wats urs is urs.

  • Kabiru Wa Wamiti

    Its all About Riri’s life not us.

  • Kabiru Wa Wamiti

    Its all About Riri’s life not us.

  • James Maxwell

    Wait till lick start tek her again.

  • http://safaricom. karisah

    good 2 b 2gether

  • Herbert Adkins

    Wat God puts together no man can seperate.

  • Carlethea Boo Callaham

    If she like it, I love it………..