Tommy Lee Sparta pic

Dancehall star Tommy Lee drop a new single “Live My Life,” off the Journeys Riddim, produced by UIM Records.

I wonna live some more
I wonna sleep at night
Without feeling insecure
I don’t really wonna loose my life
I wonna live some more
Mi waan buy my mother two house inna life
So mi sing till mi throat sore
I don’t wonna go to jail no more
I just wonna live my life

Listen full track below.

  • Junior Stifler

    I love you tommy lee.

  • gaza fuh life, the journey has begin.

  • mad tommy lee.

  • man ah real bomboclatt… sparta… we nuh tek diss.. gaza run tings…badmind affi stop pree an go suck deh madda.

  • duppy

    Does anyone have the lyrics to the entire song? Just curious. Thx

  • gaza yuth a preeeee..

  • dem ah fight we but we still going strong gazaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

  • Belize

    wicked tune this