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Rick Ross Blames Drake For Scary Crash Landing of His Private Jet

Rick Ross
Rick Ross

Rick Ross is counting his blessings tonight after his private jet crash-landed in Dallas, Texas, late Friday afternoon.

The Biggest Bawse took to Instagram to let his fans know that he and his crew are doing okay as news of the aviation incident spread like wildfire. Rick Ross also jokingly blamed his opp Drake for the crash, saying the Canadian rapper sent his fighter jet to shoot down his plate. Interestingly, Drizzy liked a post on Instagram that shared the photos of the plane off to the side of the runway.

“So thank everybody for all the prayers but am go tell you [what happened],” an animated Rozay said. “We on the jet and am seeing the fighter jet. I see his nose its like Tom Cruise from ‘Top Gun’ I seen his nose am seeing him in the cockpit, and am like damn. I see his cheeks and nose from the back of tge G-Force and am like damn and then man it like happened. I can’t say what happened but it happened.”

Rick Ross then takes a parting shot at Drake by calling him a “white boy” before switching to praising him for a feature on his Air Drake plane.

“But am go tell you something,” he continues. “What am go take back about Drake old plane. BBL Drizzy I know you got the ashtrays in the armrest and in hindsight that’s really dope man on some smoker you know. But we safe everybody.”

Ross declined to shed the real reason why his private jet crash landed, but thankfully, he and everyone onboard the plane were okay as there were no reports of injuries. One photo shows at least one landing gear stuck in the mud with a streak of tire marks behind it.

Rick Ross tweet

Most people would be too shaken to talk after such a scary ordeal, but Rozay seemed to be in great spirits as he continued to share videos on social media, some of which he used to taunt Drake. Ross also used the opportunity to promote his upcoming car show at his Promise Land Estate in Georgia on June 1st.