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Ja Rule Clowned After Announcing Label Deal Potentially Worth $100 Million

Ja Rule announces his new label deal "potentially worth $100 million" but some fans are not convinced

Ja Rule
Ja Rule

Ja Rule announced he is in album mode and a new record deal “potentially worth $100,000,000,” but fans are calling cap.

More than a decade since he released his last album, Ja Rule has returned with a vengeance as he makes a major announcement on social media and proceeds to fend off trolls all on his own. The rapper took to X, formerly Twitter, to drop some bombshell news that fans find pretty incredible.

According to Ja, his new label deal could be worth eight figures. “Just signed my new label deal potentially worth a hundred mill… LFG!!! Thanks for the love and to the haters SMD…” the rapper wrote. The post incited a huge debate online with an onslaught of X users coming for Ja Rule, and he made it known that he’s “got time this year” before clapping back at them one by one.

One user told the former Murder Inc artist, “You don’t even believe that, bro. Stop,” in response to his astounding claims. Ja was quick to post receipts and clap back, sharing a video clip of one of his performances to a massive crowd that sang along enthusiastically to the lyrics for his hit song “Put It On Me.” Captioning the clip, the rapper wrote, “You should probably stfu… we lit out here!!! ”

Eventually, Ja Rule went on a rant of sorts as he addressed all the “haters” at once in a series of posts. “Here’s what’s needed to be understood for 24,” he wrote in one post on X. “HATE is for suckers and d**k riding is NOT a form of transportation lmao it’s getting you nowhere… Stop being goofy and get money!!! That’s what Ja thinks.”

He followed up with, “B*tch n***gas hate real ones congratulate.” Soon, the rapper called for fans to clap back at his detractors for him. “I need them asshole fans that go at ppl head for talking bad on my name lmao my fans not savage enough…” he wrote, adding a laughing emoji.

Ja Rule also flexed his upcoming Sunrise Tour with Lloyd, Mya, and Keri Hilson, which kicks off in Europe this March. However, X users were still not convinced that the rapper was worth what he said he was. “Ain’t nobody saying ‘ay, turn on that new ja rule’,” one user wrote. “Ja Rule doesn’t even believe Ja Rule signed a label deal for $100M,” another tweeted.

When one user told Ja to stop the cap and tagged 50 Cent, the rapper responded, “You d**k riding goofy what you tagging that rat for.” But at least one fan came to Ja Rule’s defense when they strongly advised everyone to fall back and stop being hypocrites. “Yall really still f***ing hating on @jarule when you know damn well he made every f***ing hit you grew up listening to. Pipe that sh*t down.”

While Ja Rule hasn’t shared the details of his new label deal, he told fans that he was “in full album mode,” adding the hashtag “#CWWTST.” The rapper’s last studio album, Pain Is Love 2, was released in February 2012. His most recent work as lead artist was his song “Blow,” featuring Somong, which was released in 2021.